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    Charge Cords is a team of three friends that set out to fix a problem all too common to our technology driven generation. We watched as leaders in technology continued to awe the public with keynote speeches and product unveilings year after year with new mobile devices that drastically changed the way we live our daily lives and consume media. As much as technology changed, however, the way in which we powered our devices remained stagnant. We were given technology capable of changing the world but the way we powered that technology felt outdated and lacked both functionality and durability.

    Together, the team designed charging cables that utilized the same internal components but added length, durability, and character. Through Apple’s MFi Certification program for third-party manufacturers, Charge Cords was able to make use of Apple’s technology to design charging cables that are both certified and compatible with all Apple devices while providing the extra benefits of being longer and more durable against daily use.